Practicing Mindfulness: A Mind-Body Scan Meditation

It may not be easy to practice meditation and mindfulness. However, this can be done step-by-step. You can begin with a mind-body scan. To do this, you can lie down comfortably and relax. You can close your eyes and have a deep breath. Try to listen to your own breath and feel the in and out. Imagine that energy is brought in with your inhalation, and stress is going out and released with each exhalation. Imagine that your body is getting heavier.

Then, focus on the toes of your left foot, try to move them a little and feel them. Then follow this sequence to move your attention: left foot – left ankle – left leg – left shin – left calf – left knee – left thigh – left hipbone – hips – buttocks – lower back. Then do the same thing with the right part of your body, from right toes – right foot – right ankle – right shin – right calf – right knee – right thigh – right hipbone – hips – lower back.

From there, bring your attention to your abdomen, and then upper chest – upper back – shoulders – spine – neck – the base of the skull – skull – ears – scalp – hair roots – forehead – eyes – nose – cheeks – mouth –jaw – teeth – tongue – lips – chin – throat – forehead – head crown. Keep breathing that bringing in the positives and releasing out the negative parts. Next, you can bring your focus to your whole body, your mind, and your feelings.

When you have finished, you can open your eyes slowly, sitting up then standing up slowly. The mind-body scan meditation can help you become more relaxed, less stressed, and with more mindfulness.

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