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*Featured Science Books*


1. Genetic Variance Detection : Technologies for Pharmacogenomics (Nuts & Bolts series)   $29.67
2. Lexi-Comp's Pharmacogenomics Handbook   $34.95
3. Pharmacogenomics: Social, Ethical, and Clinical Dimensions   $53.94
4. Molecular Analysis and Genome Discovery   $56.33

*Featured Informatics Books*


1. An Introduction to Chemoinformatics   $71.31
2. Chemoinformatics : A Textbook   $76.11
3. Chemometrics And Chemoinformatics (Acs Symposium Series)   $115.00
4. Chemoinformatics: Concepts, Methods, and Tools for Drug Discovery (Methods in Molecular Biology)   $125.00
5. Chemoinformatics in Drug Discovery (Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry)   $185.00


See a collection of immunoinformatics books.


1. Neuroinformatics: An Overview of the Human Brain Project (Progress in Neuroinformatics Research)  $89.95

*Featured Drug Target Molecule Books*

Receptor and Drug Discovery

1. Signaling Networks and Cell Cycle Control : The Molecular Basis of Cancer and Other Diseases (Cancer Drug Discovery and Development, 5)  $165.00
2. Drugs, Enzymes and Receptors of the Renin-Angiotensin System: Celebrating a Century of Discovery (Victor Chang Molecular Cardiology Series)  $179.95

Membrane Transporter

1. Membrane Transporters: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), V. 227.)  $99.50
2. Membrane Transporter Diseases  $145.00

*Featured Technology Books*


1. RNA Interference (RNAi): The Nuts & Bolts of siRNA Technology (Nuts & Bolts Series)  $44.95
2. Rnai: A Guide to Gene Silencing  $130.00
3. Therapeutic Oligonucleotides: Antisense, Rnai, Triple-Helix, Gene Repair, Enhancer Decoys, Cpg, and DNA Chips (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences)  $130.00
4. Transposable Elements : A Guide to the Perplexed and the NoviceWith Appendices on RNAi, Chromatin Remodeling and Gene Tagging  $132.00