What is Cupping Therapy

October 14, 2016
by Pharm Tao

Cupping therapy is a preventive and therapeutic technique in Chinese medicine. It may also be beneficial for health promotion purposes. It is used to adjust the flow of qi and blood in local areas using a jar to attach to the skin. The attachment is made through the negative pressure produced by using ignited materials (e.g., a cotton ball) in the jar. Various jars can be used, including bamboo jars, glass jars, and pottery jars.

Cupping therapy is an effective method that has been used on a variety of health problems, especially pain. It is often used for wind-dampness syndromes and obstructive syndromes such as arthritis.

Cupping therapy has been found very helpful for relieving the numbness of the limbs, acute sprain, and other external illnesses. It is also used for infectious diseases such as common cold and cough, and internal diseases such as stomachache and abdominal pain.

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