The Herb Perillae for Infectious Diseases, Flu

Perillae, Perilla frutescens

[Chinese Name]
Zi Su

[Parts Used and Preparation]
Stalks; leaves; seeds

[Flavors in Chinese Medicine]
Pungent; warm

[Chinese Medicine Meridians/Channels]
Lung and Spleen

[Actions in Chinese Medicine]
The herb may disperse the exterior pathogenic wind and cold factors. It may relieve food poisoning and certain toxic effects from fish and crab.

[Uses in Chinese Medicine]
• Infectious diseases caused by exogenous pathogenic wind-cold factors. The symptoms include fever, chills, headaches, stuffy/runny nose, and cough.

[Recommended Dosages]
3–10 grams.

[Warnings, Interactions, Side Effects]
Avoid overcooking of the herb.

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