Researchers at Boston University explored the effects of Qigong and Tai Chi on helping survivors of torture and refugee trauma (Grodin et al., 2008). They assessed the general effects of torture and refugee trauma, emphasizing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They analyzed the reports from the scientific literature on the applications of Qigong and Tai Chi in relieving symptoms among torture survivors.

Their examination of four cases, together with the study of the literature demonstrated the possible value of using Qigong and Tai Chi as a therapeutic intervention for torture and refugee trauma (Grodin et al., 2008). Further studies are still needed to verify their findings and to find out the mechanisms of the effects of such interventions on PTSD.


Grodin, M. A., Piwowarczyk, L., et al. (2008) Treating survivors of torture and refugee trauma: a preliminary case series using qigong and t’ai chi. J Altern Complement Med 14, 801-806.

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