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The Effects of Qigong Practice on Saliva

Stress, Chronic Diseases, and Psychoneuroimmunology Stress, Depression, Inflammation, and Psychoneuroimmunology Can Qigong have physical effects? Researchers analyzed the effects of Qigong practice on saliva (Bayat-Movahed et al., 2008). They measured the volume, pH and secretory immunoglobulin A (S-IgA) level of … Continue reading

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Fatigue, Pain, and Stress Relief Meditation

Mental stress may deprive oxygen in muscles and cause exhaustion, tense, and ache all over the body. This is because the body’s response to psychological stress is to burn more energy. Such fast burning of energy may result in exhaustion … Continue reading

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Behavioral Problems in Cancer Patients and Survivors: Factors in Psychoneuroimmunology

Behavioral symptoms are commonly seen in cancer patients and survivors. For example, in breast cancer patients, such symptoms include depression, cognitive impairment, sleep disorders, and fatigue (Bower, 2008). These symptoms have adverse effects on the treatment results of cancers. They … Continue reading

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Stress Responses and Meditation

The fight-or-flight reaction is the body’s response to mental stress including job deadlines and major life changes. During this response, the stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol are produced to promote your response capability. Your heart rate is faster to … Continue reading

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Practicing Mindfulness: A Mind-Body Scan Meditation

It may not be easy to practice meditation and mindfulness. However, this can be done step-by-step. You can begin with a mind-body scan. To do this, you can lie down comfortably and relax. You can close your eyes and have … Continue reading

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