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Potential Biomarkers of Obesity

For obesity with cardiovascular diseases: Peterson, S. J., Shapiro, J. I., Thompson, E., Singh, S., Liu, L., Weingarten, J. A., … Abraham, N. G. (2019). Oxidized HDL, Adipokines, and Endothelial Dysfunction: A Potential Biomarker Profile for Cardiovascular Risk in Women … Continue reading

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Inflammation and Diseases

Inflammation is an immune response of the body to protect from irritants, stimuli, or external materials that may be detrimental. Inflammatory signs: Redness Swelling Heat Pain Immune surveillance: The immune system can monitor, find, and remove the useless or damaging … Continue reading

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Meditation as a Path toward Homeostasis and Happiness

As a useful tool for promoting the mind-body fitness, meditation can be integrated into your fitness program to train your mind and body concurrently just the same way as you train your muscles. While improving the connections between the mind … Continue reading

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