Studies about Antiviral Drugs for Coronaviruses

The Antiviral Remdesivir and the Coronavirus SARS-CoV

Agostini, M. L., Andres, E. L., Sims, A. C., Graham, R. L., Sheahan, T. P., Lu, X., Smith, E. C., Case, J. B., Feng, J. Y., Jordan, R., Ray, A. S., Cihlar, T., Siegel, D., Mackman, R. L., Clarke, M. O., Baric, R. S., & Denison, M. R. (2018). Coronavirus Susceptibility to the Antiviral Remdesivir (GS-5734) Is Mediated by the Viral Polymerase and the Proofreading Exoribonuclease. MBio, 9(2).

The Antiviral Compound β-d-N4-Hydroxycytidine and the Coronavirus MERS-CoV

Agostini, M. L., Pruijssers, A. J., Chappell, J. D., Gribble, J., Lu, X., Andres, E. L., Bluemling, G. R., Lockwood, M. A., Sheahan, T. P., Sims, A. C., Natchus, M. G., Saindane, M., Kolykhalov, A. A., Painter, G. R., Baric, R. S., & Denison, M. R. (2019). Small-Molecule Antiviral β-d-N4-Hydroxycytidine Inhibits a Proofreading-Intact Coronavirus with a High Genetic Barrier to Resistance. Journal of Virology, 93(24).

The Antiviral Indomethacin and the Coronavirus SARS-CoV

Amici, C., Di Caro, A., Ciucci, A., Chiappa, L., Castilletti, C., Martella, V., Decaro, N., Buonavoglia, C., Capobianchi, M. R., & Santoro, M. G. (2006). Indomethacin has a potent antiviral activity against SARS coronavirus. Antiviral Therapy, 11(8), 1021–1030.

The Antiviral Effects of P-PMOs

Burrer, R., Neuman, B. W., Ting, J. P. C., Stein, D. A., Moulton, H. M., Iversen, P. L., Kuhn, P., & Buchmeier, M. J. (2007). Antiviral effects of antisense morpholino oligomers in murine coronavirus infection models. Journal of Virology, 81(11), 5637–5648.

Antiviral Flavonoids and DENV

Chiow, K. H., Phoon, M. C., Putti, T., Tan, B. K. H., & Chow, V. T. (2016). Evaluation of antiviral activities of Houttuynia cordata Thunb. Extract, quercetin, quercetrin and cinanserin on murine coronavirus and dengue virus infection. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, 9(1), 1–7.

Nucleoside Analogues and SARS-CoV

Chu, C. K., Gadthula, S., Chen, X., Choo, H., Olgen, S., Barnard, D. L., & Sidwell, R. W. (2006). Antiviral activity of nucleoside analogues against SARS-coronavirus (SARS-coV). Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy, 17(5), 285–289.

The Antiviral Effects of Common Household Disinfectants for SARS-CoV

Dellanno, C., Vega, Q., & Boesenberg, D. (2009). The antiviral action of common household disinfectants and antiseptics against murine hepatitis virus, a potential surrogate for SARS coronavirus. American Journal of Infection Control, 37(8), 649–652.

A Potential Antiviral Molecule for SARS-CoV and Ebola

Elshabrawy, H. A., Fan, J., Haddad, C. S., Ratia, K., Broder, C. C., Caffrey, M., & Prabhakar, B. S. (2014). Identification of a broad-spectrum antiviral small molecule against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus and Ebola, Hendra, and Nipah viruses by using a novel high-throughput screening assay. Journal of Virology, 88(8), 4353–4365.

The Antiviral Effects of Glycyrrhizin and SARS-CoV

Hoever, G., Baltina, L., Michaelis, M., Kondratenko, R., Baltina, L., Tolstikov, G. A., Doerr, H. W., & Cinatl, J. (2005). Antiviral activity of glycyrrhizic acid derivatives against SARS-coronavirus. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 48(4), 1256–1259.

Antiviral Effects of Chloroquine for the Coronavirus OC43

Keyaerts, E., Li, S., Vijgen, L., Rysman, E., Verbeeck, J., Van Ranst, M., & Maes, P. (2009). Antiviral activity of chloroquine against human coronavirus OC43 infection in newborn mice. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 53(8), 3416–3421.

Antiviral Herbal Compounds for SARS

Schwarz, S., Sauter, D., Wang, K., Zhang, R., Sun, B., Karioti, A., Bilia, A. R., Efferth, T., & Schwarz, W. (2014). Kaempferol derivatives as antiviral drugs against the 3a channel protein of coronavirus. Planta Medica, 80(2–3), 177–182.

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