Qigong Can Relieve Long-Term Neck Pain

January 3, 2018
by Pharm Tao

Researchers in Sweden compared the effectiveness of Qigong and exercise therapy in patients with long-term nonspecific neck pain (Lansinger et al., 2007). A total of 122 patients were involved in the study and had either Qigong training or exercise therapy. Seventy percent of the participants were women with the mean age of 44 years. The patients received a maximum of 12 interventions within 3 months.

The patients in both groups had similar clinical and demographic features (Lansinger et al., 2007). Conditions in both qigong and exercise therapy groups significantly improved after the treatment. The effects were kept 6 and 12 months after the trainings.

The variables analyzed in the study included recent neck pain, current neck pain, neck disability, and cervical range of motion (Lansinger et al., 2007). These findings suggest that Qigong or exercise therapy can help reduce pain and disability. These interventions are suggested helpful for those with long-term nonspecific neck pain.


Lansinger, B., Larsson, E., et al. (2007) Qigong and exercise therapy in patients with long-term neck pain: a prospective randomized trial. Spine 32, 2415-2422.

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