Pueraria Roots for Fever, Headaches, Diarrhea, and Diabetes

Pueraria Root, Radix Puerariae

[Chinese Name]
Ge Gen

[Parts Used and Preparation]

[Flavors in Chinese Medicine]
Sweet, pungent; cool

[Chinese Medicine Meridians/Channels]
Spleen and Stomach

[Actions in Chinese Medicine]
The herb can dispel the pathogenic factors from the exterior and muscles, relieve fever, promote the generation of fluid, and quench thirst. It can relieve measles and rashes.

[Uses in Chinese Medicine]
• Infectious diseases, including the symptoms of fever, headaches, neck and back stiffness and pain.
• Thirst in febrile diseases and diabetes.
• Diarrhea or dysentery.
• The early stages of measles with fever, chills, before the rashes appear.

[Recommended Dosages]
10–30 grams. Add water to make decoctions.

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