Peppermint for Flu, Common Cold, and Headaches

Peppermint, Herba Menthae

[Chinese Name]
Bo He

[Parts Used and Preparation]
The whole herb

[Flavors in Chinese Medicine]
Pungent; cool

[Chinese Medicine Meridians/Channels]
Lung and Liver

[Actions in Chinese Medicine]
The herb can dispel the pathogenic wind-heat factors. It may also relieve sore throat, itching, and skin rashes.

[Uses in Chinese Medicine]
• Infectious diseases, flu, common cold, including the early stages of epidemic febrile diseases. The symptoms of the diseases include fever, chills, headaches, and dizziness.
• Headaches and eye inflammation.
• The early stages of measles, shown as itching and rashes.
• Chest pain and hypochondriac pain.

[Recommended Dosages]
2–10 grams. Avoid overcooking.

[Warnings, Interactions, Side Effects]
The herb should not be used by those with spontaneous sweating.

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