Meditation Techniques and the Power of Meditation

What is the power of meditation? Meditation can boost the power of your mind, the power of your fitness and health, and the power for stress reduction. Meditation is not just sitting there and doing nothing, it is not a waste of time. Rather, it is a workout for the mind-body connection, an exercise. Meditation can promote the integration of the mind and the body toward the wholeness of you. Having been practiced for thousands of years, different cultures and traditions may have different definitions of meditation.

There are different types and techniques of meditation, including mindfulness meditation, breath meditation, visual or mandala meditation, guided imagery, creative visualization, sound or mantra meditation, classic Zen Buddhist meditation, Chinese Taoist meditation, yoga meditation, and new age meditation. Meditation can also be done with movements, such as those practiced in Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Hatha Yoga. Medical meditation can be applied for stress reduction and for healing illnesses.

Some arts, such as sculpting and Chinese calligraphy, can also be used as means and techniques for meditation. A common feature of all of these different techniques is that they all emphasizes on the focus of attention to avoid scattered or chaotic thoughts. The focused thought, such as on one-pointedness including mantras, provides a path toward super-consciousness rather than non-consciousness or “non-thinking.”

You can build your muscles by lifting weights and resting, while the resting time is the critical repairing time for the muscle building. Similarly, you can build a stronger mental power by taking breaks from the busy thinking process, via the practice of meditation. Meditation can bring you more awareness, with a clearer, more effective, and more efficient mind. Such a powerful mind can help you move away from the negative thoughts that have troubled you, which you may become aware that those are just trivial things that you should not be worried about. You can then feel refreshed and joyful.

With more awareness and clearer thinking power, your mind would move away from attachments and illusions. If you become not too attached to anything, not too involved in anything, if you realize that you cannot really “own” anything, you would feel less pressure, you would be less stressed or worried, and more relaxed and happier.

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