Meditation can benefit the recovery from chronic diseases as it helps one make lifestyle changes and deal with pain and stress. It helps detach our emotions from the illness and boost our immune system. It can improve food digestion, blood circulation, and sleep quality. It eases pain and distress. A relaxed condition can help one recover to the state of homeostasis, and even turn around a chronic disease.

A study done in Japan examined the quality of mindfulness-based meditation therapy among 28 patients undergoing anti-cancer treatment (Ando et al., 2010). The patients received two sessions of mindfulness-based meditation therapy, including breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation training. Each patient had on-site training and then practiced at home with a CD.

In the study, the patients were asked about the meaning of their illness before and after the intervention (Ando et al., 2010). Before the practice of meditation, patients responded with themes including “Effort to cope,” “Looking back,” “Personal growth,” and “Suffering.”

After the intervention, patients chose themes more commonly including “Adapted coping,” “Personal growth,” “Positive meaning,” and “Negative recognition”. The study suggested that mindfulness-based meditation therapy can be an effective strategy for making changes and adaptations toward a more positive lifestyle (Ando et al., 2010).


Ando, M., Morita, T., et al. (2010) A qualitative study of mindfulness-based meditation therapy in Japanese cancer patients. Support Care Cancer.

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