Lucid Dreaming and Meditation

March 25, 2013
by Pharm Tao

Lucid dreaming is having the awareness consciously when you are dreaming. Only about 20% of people have reported to have lucid dreams frequently. Having lucid dreams is a skill that can be trained and learned. It can also be considered a kind of meditation. In fact, those who practice meditation may be more likely to have lucid dreams. Women may be more likely to have lucid dreams than men do, although men can have frequent lucid dreams also.

Similar to meditation, lucid dreams may help you control fears and promote personal growth. In lucid dreams, you may control your reactions such as fear but not the dream itself (such as the environment in the dream). To train to have lucid dreams, you can visualize a symbol or image such as a star or a flower as your lucidity object, so that you will be aware of your dreams when you see the symbol when you are dreaming.

If you wake up from a dream, you can try to return to your dream by imagining getting back, while being aware that you are dreaming. You can tell yourself to watch for things that are unrealistic before going to sleep. Having some reflective time before sleep is also helpful. On your first awakening, try to promote your consciousness and awareness. Getting enough sleep is also the key to have lucid dreams.

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