How to Use Herbs in Different Forms

Herbal compress: Applying a cloth that has been soaked in herbal solutions directly on the affected body area.

Herbal decoctions: Using the bark, root, seed, or berry of a plant to make a tea through simmering for about 20-30 minutes.  Note that ceramic containers should be used and metal containers should be avoided for making the decoction.  The decoctions can be used for oral administration or to rinse the affected body area.

Herbal essential oil: Obtained from steam distillation or cold pressing of herbs and mixed with a vegetable oil or water to use as tea, inhalant, or mouth wash, or for massage, or to be applied on affected area.

Herbal extracts: Concentrated extracts of herbs made through pressing herbs, or through soaking herbs in alcohol or water and then making alcohol or water evaporated to get the herbal concentrate.

Herbal infusion: Herb leaves, flowers, other parts, or concentrated herbal granules soaked in hot water.

Herbal ointment: Herbal extract, tea, juice, or powder that is mixed with a salve to apply on the body.

Herbal pills: Pills are prepared through grinding herbs into powder and mixing with other ingredients such as honey, water, rice paste, wine, vinegar, or bee-wax.

Herbal poultice: A soft and moist mass of grounded or granulated herbs spreading on cloth or other materials to apply on the body to relieve inflammation, pain, or other problems.

Herbal powder: A powder is made through grinding the useful part of the herb.  The powder can also be put in capsules or made in the form of tablets.  The powder can be taken orally or be applied on affected body area.

Herbal syrup: The mixture of herbs with a form of sugar and boiled together to make a syrup.

Herbal thread: A cotton or silk thread soaked in herbal decoction and then dry up.  For external usages.

Herbal vinegar: Herbs soaked in vinegar.

Herbal wine: A kind of wine with herbs soaked in for some time to get certain effects.


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