Gypsum Fibrosum, CaSO4, Gypsum

[Chinese Name]
Shi Gao

[Parts Used and Preparation]
Gypsum (a mineral)

[Flavors in Chinese Medicine]
Pungent, sweet; very cold

[Chinese Medicine Meridians/Channels]
Lung and Stomach

[Actions in Chinese Medicine]
The material may clear the pathogenic Heat and Fire factors, and ease irritability and thirst.

[Uses in Chinese Medicine]
• Infectious diseases caused by the pathogenic Heat factor at the Qi-Level with the symptoms including high fever, irritability, and thirst.
• Infectious diseases with the symptoms including cough, difficulties in breathing, yellow sputum, and fever.
• Headaches and gingivitis caused by the pathogenic Stomach-Fire factors.
• Calcined gypsum powder can be applied for skin disorders including skin ulcers, eczema, and burns.

[Recommended Dosages]
15–60 grams. The calcined powder can be applied for external usages.

[Warnings, Interactions, Side Effects]
The material should not be used by those with the Cold factor in the Spleen and

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