Fatigue, Pain, and Stress Relief Meditation

Mental stress may deprive oxygen in muscles and cause exhaustion, tense, and ache all over the body. This is because the body’s response to psychological stress is to burn more energy. Such fast burning of energy may result in exhaustion that is hard to recover even after sleeping. This is why chronically stressed people may feel tired and fatigued all the time.

In addition, stress may also enhance the feeling of pain from injuries. Stress may lead to indigestion and stomach pain, headaches, and increase the susceptibility to infections. Meditation is a process of conserving energy through focusing the mind and relaxation. Meditation can help relief pain immediately because it can ease our emotional responses, and enable the detachment from the painful feelings.

Pain is often amplified emotionally. The detachment and reduction of the perception of pain can help soothe the sensation of pain. Natural Stress Relief meditation is a mental technique to reduce stress and anxiety through inducing a state of physiological rest with mental alertness. The meditation can be learned in a self-administered program, with one-hour of training during the first three days. After the initial training, it can be practiced regularly twice a day, for 15-minutes each time. The training includes sitting quietly with the eyes closed, and a specific mental procedure.

For example, a study done in Italy evaluated the effects of such a program on anxiety among 25 participants (Coppola, 2007). The study showed significant differences in the scores measuring the trait anxiety between pretreatment and after the first and second week of practice. Such training may be beneficial not only for anxiety, but also for relieving pain and fatigue caused by mental stress.


Coppola, F. (2007) Effects of natural stress relief meditation on trait anxiety: a pilot study. Psychol Rep 101, 130-134.

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