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Sleep loss, Mood, and Pain in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Stress, Chronic Diseases, and Psychoneuroimmunology Stress, Depression, Inflammation, and Psychoneuroimmunology Sleep disturbances have been closely related to pain. What are the influences of sleep loss on mood and pain among patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA)? In a study of 27 … Continue reading

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Mindfulness Meditation for Sleep Disorders in Older Adults

Among older adults, sleep disturbances are frequently complained. However, the problems have very limited therapeutic choices. Approaches from mind-body medicine such as mindfulness meditation may help improve sleep quality in this population group with sleep problems. A randomized clinical trial … Continue reading

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Lucid Dreaming and Meditation

Lucid dreaming is having the awareness consciously when you are dreaming. Only about 20% of people have reported to have lucid dreams frequently. Having lucid dreams is a skill that can be trained and learned. It can also be considered … Continue reading

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The Sleep Cycles, Meditation, and Brain Wave Patterns

We exist in our own subjective minds that cannot be separated from our personal perspective, which make it impossible to reach real objectivity. The brain waves during dream sleep are not much different from those during awake. Dream sleep is … Continue reading

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