Brain Imaging Techniques

Brain Imaging Techniques


Imaging Techniques




CAT (computerized axial tomography) X-ray pictures taken around the patient Computer-reconstructed pictures in axial slices Brain lesion or tumor detection
DTI (diffusion tensor imaging) Similar to MRI Detection of molecular motions of the body water Detection of interactions between the brain areas during cognitive, emotional, and physical processes
EEG/MEG (electroencephalography/magneto-encephalography) Electrodes on the scalp Recording the brain wave activities Changes of brain activities, including during sleep
MRI/fMRI (magnetic resonance imaging/functional magnetic resonance imaging) A powerful magnet Detection of the protons in the hydrogen atom nuclei of the body water Brain structure images; detection of active brain areas during cognitive, emotional, and physical processes
PET (positron emission tomography) Low levels of radioactive materials in the bloodstream Track of brain activities Active brain areas during cognitive or physical processes, and emotional responses


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