Bioinformatics Resources for MicroRNA (miRNA) Studies and Biomarker Discovery

Feature: “MicroRNA / Transcription Factor Regulatory Circuits in Human and Mouse”

Feature: “For annotating and discovering small and long ncRNAs”

Feature: “The miRNA expression profile”

Feature: “microRNA target prediction”

Feature: “microRNA expression and sequence analysis database”

Feature: “microRNA target sites within human promoter sequences

Feature: “microRNA targets and expression”

Feature: “A searchable database of published miRNA sequences”

Feature: “miRNA target prediction and functional annotations”

Feature: “Disease-associated SNPs and microRNA target sites on 3’UTRs of human genes”

Feature: “For animal miRNA-target interactions”

Feature: “microRNA genomic information and regulation”

Feature: “Genomic maps of microRNAs”

Feature: “Animal, plant and virus microRNA data”

Feature: “microRNA-target interactions database”

Feature: “microRNA target site predictions”

Feature: “Polymorphism in microRNAs and their Target Sites”

Feature: “A database of miRNA target predictions”

Feature: “microRNA target detection”

Feature: “Immunological effects of RNA interference and microRNA reagents”

Feature: “Patterns of miRNA expression in various human sarcoma types”

Feature: “Somatic mutations impacting microRNA targeting in cancer genomes”

Feature: “microRNA interaction networks”

Feature: “Predicts biological targets of miRNAsin mammals”

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