Antiviral Herbal Compounds for SARS-CoV Ion Channels

Antiviral Herbal Compounds for SARS-CoV Ion Channels

(From Potential Antiviral Agents for Coronaviruses: Compounds, Herbal Products, and Drug Targets)

  • The protein coded by the open-reading-frame 3a of SARS coronavirus may form a cation-selective channel (Schwarz et al., 2014).
  • The channel is important in virus release.
  • Drugs that suppress the ion channel may suppress virus release.
  • Many herbal products with anticancer effects may also have antiviral activities.
  • Such herbal products include the flavonols kaempferol, kaempferol glycosides, and acylated kaempferol glucoside derivatives.
  • These herbal products may block the 3a channel.
  • The most effective one may be the glycoside juglanin (with an arabinose residue) for blocking the 3a-mediated current.
  • Kaempferol derivatives with rhamnose residue may also have antiviral effects (Schwarz et al., 2014).
  • Coronaviral ion channels can be antiviral drug targets, e.g., the 3a channel proteins may be inhibited by kaempferol glycosides.


Schwarz, S., Sauter, D., Wang, K., Zhang, R., Sun, B., Karioti, A., Bilia, A. R., Efferth, T., & Schwarz, W. (2014). Kaempferol derivatives as antiviral drugs against the 3a channel protein of coronavirus. Planta Medica, 80(2–3), 177–182.

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